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One of the major missions of our organization is to further the understanding of dermatologic diseases through education and research and to advance the training of future medical dermatologists.  The MDS Mentorship Program is an integral part of accomplishing this mission. The Board of Directors of the MDS instituted a MDS Mentorship Program to foster interest in careers in medical dermatology, especially in the care of patients with serious dermatologic disease. Awardees spend one month at an institution under the direction of a senior MDS member.  This program offers offer Residents, Post-Doc Fellows, and Junior Faculty an opportunity to spend time learning from a faculty member with expertise in caring for patients with severe skin disease and ensures that we develop the next generation of medical dermatologists. 

In an effort to maximize this opportunity, the MDS is encouraging its members to contribute to the program. In order for the MDS to continue to provide a very successful Mentorship Awards Program, which is a staple of the Society over the years, and the challenges the MDS faces with the lack of pharm support for the mentorship program; your donation will help support the Mentorship Program.  Sponsoring members will be recognized through signage at the annual meeting as well as in the MDS annual meeting program book. 

$    500   BRONZE SPONSORSHIP                Supports 25% of one mentorship award
$1,000   SILVER SPONSORSHIP                   Supports 50% of one mentorship award
$2,000   GOLD SPONSORSHIP                     Supports 100% of one mentorship award

* Any and all donations are greatly appreciated to continue this important program!

Support the Medical Dermatology Society with a Tax-Deductible Charitable Contribution. Your gift is 100% tax deductible for which you will receive a gift acknowledgment letter.  Support the MDS Mentorship Program Campaign, by visiting the MDS Mentorship Contribution Link or download a printable contribution form.  Any and all donations are welcome and greatly appreciated by the MDS.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to the MDS office directly for additional details.  P:  216-579-9300 or

Lindy Fox, MD
Medical Dermatology Society President

Your Support is Needed to Continue this Important Program!
Thank you for your Consideration!


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