Annual Meetings

The MDS Annual Meeting is held just prior to the American Academy of Dermatology’s (AAD) spring meeting and the attendees include dermatologists at academic medical centers, in private practice, and dermatology Residents/Post-Doctoral Fellows who are focused on the care of patients with medical conditions or whose diseases of the skin require systemically administered medications.

Typically over 250 dermatologists; including Residents and Post-Doctoral Fellows, register to attend the Annual Meeting, listen to the latest advances in medical dermatology research and patient care innovations. The audience members are approximately comprised of:  66% Academicians, 2% in Private Practice, 32% Resident/Post-Doctoral Fellows/Medical Students, and the balance not designated. 

The MDS Annual Meeting is CME approved and is designed for physicians in the following specialties:  Dermatology, Internal Medicine, and Dermatopathology. The program topics focus on current issues that physicians diagnosing or treating patients with complex medical dermatologic problems will encounter during clinical care activities in the outpatient clinic and in the inpatient setting. 

Keynote presentations, thought-provoking sessions provide the focal points for translating knowledge into actions.  Sessions will equip you with the tools and ideas to implement and share at your institution.  The MDS Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity to engage with colleagues and experts across the scope of dermatology. The Education and Program Committee works hard throughout the year to provide all attendees a comprehensive and exciting program. 




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