About the MDS

Members of the Medical Dermatology Society (MDS) represent the heart and soul of our specialty: Medical Dermatology. The MDS is made up of the thought leaders of clinical dermatology and the teachers of the next generation of practicing dermatologists. Our members include academicians, private practitioners, and resident physicians. We specialize in the care of patients with serious dermatologic diseases. Our mission is to improve the care of patients with these conditions.

Dermatologists are encouraged to pursue a career in medical dermatology by:

•  Encouraging resident presentations at our Annual Meeting
•  Developing Advanced Medical Dermatology Rotations for residents to work with experts in our field across the country
•  Encouraging dermatology programs to sponsor 5-year combined Internal Medicine/Dermatology training programs
•  Coordinating and providing lectures and sessions on medical dermatology topics at major dermatology meetings
•  Providing lectures, discussions and case presentations at the annual Medical Dermatology Society Meeting

We work to improve the care of our patients by creating a national clinical trials consortium to develop clinical trials for patients with the most serious skin conditions.

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Phone: 216.579.9300 / Fax: 216.579.9333